5 Ways to Cultivate your Inner Trailblazer Everyday

5 Ways to Cultivate your Inner Trailblazer Everyday

Every day I wake up with a fire inside of me that is driving me to want to change the world as I know it. This fire currently encourages me to trailblaze through the field of which my counterparts are slowly making their way. I sat back for many years dreaming of what could become of my life, letting the fear of failure control my ability to pursue and succeed. One day I decided that I had had enough. I woke up and choose to focus on cultivating my inner creative so that I could become a trailblazer in a new line of work.

The term trailblazer is defined as a pioneer, innovator or someone who leaves a path for others to follow. I understand that the concept of becoming a ‘trailblazer’ might intimidate you, but don’t let that term make you feel incapable.

In order to make waves in any industry, there are steps you can start with to help boost your creativity and thus push you to the next level. Here are five ways you can ‘trailblaze’ your everyday life for success, just like I did.

  1. Listen

If you have your mindset on coming up with an idea that will change the world as you know it, I suggest starting this journey by listening. What I mean by that is you should start paying closer attention to the tasks you do and the situations you encounter daily.

You see, listening leads to learning, and learning leads to growth and innovation. If you are in tune with your situation and the world around you, you can help you do just that! When you notice a problem in your everyday life, consider how you can fix the problem.

This thought process can lead to BIG TRAILBLAZING IDEAS!

  1. Start your day off with something different.

Creativity is more than just art, it’s how you think. In order to flex your creative muscle and think outside the box, we suggest changing up your normal routine. Humans are creatures of habit. We are known for doing the same things day in and day out.

For example, every morning I use to wake up at 6 to begin my day. I started my day by checking my phone and replying to anything I deemed necessary. As I sought the desire to spark creativity, I choose to begin waking up at 4:15 so that I could complete a spin class before ever touching my phone. The simple act of focusing on me as opposed to what everyone else needed from me not only wildly increased my productivity, but I can honestly say it bettered my career.

Changing up your routine allows you to open yourself up for acceptance and change which can bring about new and wonderful thoughts and ideas.

Not sure how to alter your morning routine? Consider getting up early, meditating, exercising or even just making yourself a different breakfast from normal. Anything you do differently than normal can get your creative juices flowing.

  1. Invest in the social process.

C.S. Lewis said, “What you see and what you hear depends a great deal on where you are standing.” My goal for you is to make an effort to find people that struggle with similar problems you do and work together to discuss how you can solve these issues. The different perspective you are able to gain from others might help you find a solution to whatever problem you are trying to solve. Remember, even if you don’t agree with someone else’s perspective, hearing their feedback is a crucial step in success.

  1. Dare to take a go out of one’s depth.

When it comes to trailblazing, we all know that taking risks is what is going to get you there.  Mark Zuckerberg said, “The biggest risk is not taking any risk. In a world that is changing quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.”

Historically, we as humans avoid taking risks in order to protect ourselves from getting hurt or failing. But what we don’t take into account is that making mistakes is part of the growing process. I feel as though it has been ingrained in us to be ashamed of the mistakes that we make. Just remember, mistakes do not make you weak. Mistakes help you learn and grow as an entrepreneur. Mistakes give you the opportunity to see where you need to improve, correct the problem at hand and continue.

It is completely normal to take the easiest and safest path, but the question I have for you is how can you push yourself out of your comfort zone on a daily basis? Consider that as you plan your day. Choose one task to put on the to-do list that takes you out of your comfort zone. The task doesn’t have to be a big risk, you can start small and grow bigger as you gain confidence, perspective, and knowledge. Simply make a plan to take at least one risk every day and soon enough you will start seeing your goals as something that you can achieve.

In the event that you fail, dust yourself off and keep going.

  1. Surround yourself with blue.

Did you know that we associate colors with feelings? In 2009 the University of British Columbia conducted performance tests on individuals to find out how color affected productivity. The study found that individuals who were surrounded by blue were far more creative than those who were surrounded by other colors. Ravi Zhu, who conducted the research, concluded that blue made people feel safe about being creative and exploratory. So, in order to be a trailblazer, surround yourself with blue to cultivate creativity.

As you look towards trailblazing your future, never strive for perfection. Perfectionism is an illusion, and when you are caught up in this illusion you won’t take risks or the necessary steps forward you need to make your idea successful. Remember that you learn by trying and you can achieve new and wonderful things by doing.